Friday, April 17, 2009

I ducked out.. and I am back..

Ok.. so I have been gone for a little hot minute.. I know.. I am so sorry guys.. Things have just been so damn busy. With what have I been doing with my time you ask??
Well.. I had my best friend from Chicago out here for a week and a half. We started our record label back up.. So that has taken up a lot of time. I just got pro tools to start producing music again. And really just networkin with a lot of local artists, and friends that are into music.. Besides that, I am still in school people!!.. And with another class under my belt, I am just tryin to do what it do.
So, what has been up you ask? Well.. Let's see.. Besides all that, I have honestly been taking the solo road. Enjoying my life the way it is. I have decided to cut almost every guy from my roster. Brandon has been long gone.. and good riddance.. I have decided to leave alone Will.. Yeah.. And not in a " I have said it before kind of way" but a "I am officially done and over with his shit" way..
It is stupid.. I know.. But here goes why... I have a music myspace page up for our Record label.. And HE added me.. Yes.. not me adding him.. And I accepted his add.. And saw he is in a relationship and his number one is some girl that has a picture up of him and her as his default.. Oh well.. That was it.. I no longer have any feelings for him.. And fucking me will be out of the question.. Real life.. I will not put my heart through his bullshit for another day!!!
SO I am rolling solo, and I am not looking. Real life.. I am sure I will write more about the closing on the will chapter. I can't fit 9 years of feelings or loss of feelings in a paragraph or 2.
I have also been planning my trip to Hawaii for my 10 year high school reunion. While doing so I found a lost friend's sister on Facebook. I got excited because for the first time in 6 years I thought I was close to getting back in touch with a dear friend Kristy. I reached out to her sister who then relayed my message and now I am in touch with my long lost friend. I did feel a little lost without her... But none the less.. I feel a lot more whole now :)
I gave up on the whole turning Phillip into something more.. I dont think it could have.. But, I deaded the idea in my head. And probably right so!
I can't think of anything else to talk about right now.. I am all discombobulated.. Oh.. LOL the other day, I was hanging with my friend Marvin.. Who needed me to take him to drop off money with someone.. As we were pulling into the parking lot, I told him I think I know someone that lives up in here.. His name is "Lt".. that ended up being the person he was droppin the money off to. Well.. Lt and I had a lil rendevous back in the day.. I didn't really like him.. I think he said something ignorant and I just cut off communicado.. So he comes up to the car.. and he's looking at me confused "like.. dont I know you from somewhere.. " and then he asks that exact question.. I tell him yea and explain why I left him high and dry.. And then he asks for my number.. I am borderline in a good mood, and a sarcastic mood.. So I give it to him reluctantly.. Whatever.. And he blows my phone up. I mean 2hours after I gave it to him he called like 4 times.. I finally answer.. I broke it down to him.. Like look.. I am happy where my life is now.. I dont want a relationship.. and I really dont want what I think you have to offer.. I am coo.. Lol.. heartless right?... oh well.. anyways.. I will try to make it tomorrow.. I know.. I dont wanna say it, cause if I do.. I wnt be back tomorrow.. so see you later :)

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